The Role Of English In Bollywood

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Introduction “Bollywood” is a global term which refers to the prolific film productions of Hindi language in Bombay (now it is renamed as Mumbai). From perspectives of sociologists, Bollywood not only signifies the overwhelming number of film productions, it is also a significant catchword in the vocabulary of global South Asian culture (Dudrah, R. K. 2006). However, in terms of film output, Bollywood did not take the first place in India with Tamil (262) and Telugu(256) more than in Hindi (221) in 2012, according to Maheshwari, L. (2013).When it comes to global significance, Bollywood may exceed other film industries in India with skyrocketing sales and international fame. One of the characteristics of Bollywood is its Hindi language with target Hindi-speaking audience. Nevertheless, during recent years, we can read English lines in a burgeoning amount of Bollywood films even in the Hindi movies. The role of English in India has constantly been debated because of the complicated language situation in India. My assumption is that exploring English in Bollywood may offer us an insight into the status of English in India. In order to better understand how English is involved in in Bollywood, this study begins by reviewing history of Indian film industry with particular attention to the development of Bollywood and language changes. Research Question 1 What is “Bollywood” ? Pre-independence stage With combining Bombay (now Mumbai) and Hollywood, the word

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