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  • Bollywood Cinema

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    Bollywood, the most commercially successful form of Indian cinema.The term, “bollywood” is often incorrectly used to refer to the whole of Indian cinema; however, it is only a part of the large Indian film industry. Much like its name, Bollywood consciously mimics some American norms but mines Indian culture for the success it enjoys, mainly because of its masala. The word “masala” meaning a mixture of spices(in Hindi), is used to describe a typical Bollywood film, because of the occasionally illogical

  • The Role Of English In Bollywood

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    Introduction “Bollywood” is a global term which refers to the prolific film productions of Hindi language in Bombay (now it is renamed as Mumbai). From perspectives of sociologists, Bollywood not only signifies the overwhelming number of film productions, it is also a significant catchword in the vocabulary of global South Asian culture (Dudrah, R. K. 2006). However, in terms of film output, Bollywood did not take the first place in India with Tamil (262) and Telugu(256) more than in Hindi

  • Bollywood Film Analysis

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    Bollywood is rightfully considered to be the biggest film industry in the world. The Bollywood film industry consists of many films in different genres such as, 3 Idiots (Comedy), Dilwale (Romance), Krish (Action) (Another Hrithik Roshan film), there are many more films in the different genre. Many movies in India involve action although one of them has shined its own way into Bollywood. The Dhoom series in India is known to be the best series with plenty of action in the film. There are 3 Dhoom

  • Bollywood Actor Roles

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    Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are the three pillars of Hindi cinema industry. Yes, we have got the Kumar, Devgn and Kapoors but this trio remains the original superstars of Bollywood. So much so that, a lot is talked and written about actresses working with all three of them. In fact, very few A-listed actresses, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kajol, Rani Mukerji and Anushka Sharma have worked with the three Khans. But this question has become quite repetitive. It’s time to turn

  • Production Logic Of Bollywood

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    Production Logic of Bollywood Films : A critique Soumik Chatterjee, (Whole – Time Lecturer) Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Tara Devi Harakh Chand Kankari Jain College. Coordinating Bollywood What is nevertheless new there in Mumbai or Indian Popular Film Industry to discuss or to discover? Is there any new area left over about Mumbai Film Industry to write on, research on or to get our people informed or aware of this and that? Is there really

  • Advantages Of Bollywood Cinema

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    Upcoming bollywood movies to must watch: Bollywood movie is such a type of entertainment that entertains people of India as well as around the world for decades. It has gives us most precious, memorable pieces of art of all time those we can watch as many time as we want. Maybe the greatest impact of Bollywood has been on patriotism in India itself, where alongside rest of Indian film, it has gotten to be part and bundle of the 'Indian story '. In the expressions of the economist and Bollywood biographer

  • Bollywood Casting Celebrity

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    Bollywood celebrities who have been a victim of casting couch" Meta Description – Because not everything that shines is gold. There is always a mix of copper in it. Introduction- Bollywood is not always about gilts and glamour. At times it is dark and disgusting. Apart from the highest number of films produced in a year and the maximum number of aspiring actors trying their luck, Bollywood remains in headlines for one more other reason and it is “Casting Couch”. However, Bollywood has been in

  • Modern Trend In Bollywood Analysis

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    4.the Modern Trend in Bollywood It is widely believed that the charm of Urdu constitutes a crucial part of film making in Bollywood. However, there are signs of change we can see that love rather than pyar, mohabbat, or ishq, as the representation for the privileged effect in the modern context in films. In other words, English is challenging the ideological work done by Urdu once as the meta-language of romantic love in culture. Furthermore, the abundant use of English phrase and proverbs establishes

  • The Pros And Cons Of Bollywood Marriages

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    of the most controversial Bollywood marriages of all times! Bollywood marriages are surely something to look at. All the glamour and gala put in one place and who can resist a big fat Indian wedding. But controversy is the second name of Bollywood and it doesn’t leave it behind even when it comes to love and marriages. Today, we have for you some of the most scandalous and debated Bollywood marriages which were thoroughly surrounded by controversies. Have a look- Sridevi and Boney Kapoor The love

  • Similarities Between Hollywood And Bollywood

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    and Bollywood, it is simpler to appreciate the genuine thought behind the specific filmmaking procedures and way to deal with progress. Hollywood and Bollywood both have advanced over the previous century with one of a kind and particular qualities while being equivalent in a couple of viewpoints. As far as the narrative in script writing is concerned there can be no comparison between the two as both are completely opposite and equally competent in their own right. Hollywood and Bollywood are

  • Compare And Contrast Bollywood Vs Hollywood

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    Hollywood v/s Bollywood I'll stick to standard films. Television and art house are harder to analyze. Bollywood is for the most part stories taking into account unreconstructed medieval sensibilities set in cutting edge connections. There is next to no incongruity, and a decent arrangement of patriarchy, pretention consolidated with curbed shadow sexuality, misogyny, prejudice and so forth. Just about everything in Hollywood is in any event marginally humorous, and positively cutting edge or postmodern

  • Urban Middle Class In Bollywood Cinema

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    MASS COMMUNICATION SUBJECT : FILM APPRECIATION SUBJECT CODE :312 TOPIC: Representation of Urban Middle - Class in Recent Bollywood Cinema Made by : Devika Vohra BMMMC-A 14/0437 ABSTRACT As we know cinema is the mirror to reality and with the ever increasing middle class in India , the representation of Urban Middle Class in recent bollywood cinema has also increased. This paper aims to justify this by talking about the distinct backgrounds to which urban middle class

  • Pair Khan, Bollywood Diet Secrets

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    Title- Fitness tips from Aamir Khan, Bollywood diet secrets Bollywood celebrities fitness plans- Introduction: We all are fans of Bollywood, the biggest film industry in India. It succeeds in entertaining the million of audiences in India and some other parts of the world. However, working in a movie is not as easy as it seems. A lot of hard work and dedication requires to survive in this industry, so only one of the best can survive in this industry. Celebrities also has to meet the expectations

  • Global Branding Strategy Of Bollywood Case Study

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    GLOBAL BRANDING STRATEGY OF BOLLYWOOD FILMS This project is submitted to Cass business school as a part of the requirements for the award of MSc Marketing Strategy Innovation. Submitted in: September 2015 Supervised by: Mario Campana Submitted by: Satvika Modi ABSTRACT (150) The aim of this project is to comprehend the pathway to successful global branding building in the

  • Do Movies Influence Society

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    Dialoguebaazi (flair for dialogues) is the backbone of Bollywood 's flamboyant personality. Right from bombastic and florid to pedestrian and monosyllabic, it 's all about saying the right words at the right time. From dances around trees to scantily clad women gyrating to tuneless music in nightclubs, in Bollywood, we have it all. It is one of the largest film production centres in the world. So the question of the reach and success of Bollywood is, lets face it, pointless. The real question that

  • Indian Film Analysis

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    international audiences. Indian films mean different things to different people. For the majority, they mean “Bollywood” (a conflation of Bombay, the old name for Mumbai, and Hollywood), and for others,they mean exquisite art movies as exemplified by the work of Satyajit Ray. The films of Bollywood tended to be rigidly formulaic Hindi-language musicals, comedies, or melodramas. In the 1990s, Bollywood musicals, the staple of the Indian film industry, became more and more popular among non-Indians

  • The Pros And Cons Of Boollywood Industry In India

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    Cricket is one of the famous sport in India. On the other hand bollywood industry is one of the oldest entertainment which is entertaining India since 90’s. These both industries is the great mean of entertainment for people of India. If any ups and downs are there in any of these fields the people get emotional and happy according to the occasion. When cricketers and bollywood actors and actress came together then there is lot of excitement in the mind of people like us. We always seen that when

  • Hollwood Vs Bollwood Analysis

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    HOLLYWOOD Vs BOLLYWOOD BIGGEST vs THE BEST T he never ending debate that which one is the best goes on but most of the people think is the competition really there or is it just a shout in the void? The story behind the indian film industry which is often termed as the biggest in the world has always been home to romantic and fictional stuff while the best in the business hollwood has been home to technical perfection and the realistic approach. . Hollywood is the movie industry which usually

  • Essay On Why Hollywood Movies Are Very Popular Abroad

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    Hollywood movies are very popular abroad. What is Hollywood? Hollywood is refer to various artistic goods from the United States of America that are very popular and well known globally and include TV programs, films, music, CNN, MTV and Disney. Factors determine the high demand for Hollywood films is using special effect and creative that can attract people. Miniatures have been a part of special effects in the movies in some Hollywood firm. Positioning talent, mirror and camera is to create the

  • Cultural Stereotypes In Indian Cinema

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    Indian cinema, one the oldest film industries in the world, is home to several different cinema traditions reflective of India’s ethnic diversity (with Hindi cinema being the wealthiest, most popular and the only major exporter locally and internationally). With the development of cinema in India and it being closely related to popular Parsee (Parsi) theatre, the conventions of song and dance influence have films after proven that sound to be very popular, as it brings music, regional languages with