The Role Of Jealousy In Jaws Of The Tiger

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With knowledge of the princess’s complex character, of human nature in general, and of the story’s structure, it undoubtable that she chose to spare his life. Undeniably, there is evidence suggesting that the princess’ jealousy may overcome the love and passion she feels toward her lover, leading her to send him to death by the jaws of the tiger. However, the princess is described as being as “blooming as [the king’s] most florid fancies and with a soul as fervent and imperious as his own.” Therefore, it would be more logical to conclude that the the princess, with feeling so ardent and forceful, could not bear to see her lover die a horrible, messy death. Moreover, the quote reveals the princess’ wild and overbearing nature, which would not allow anyone dispossess her of her lover’s life. In fact, “she had done what no other person had done,--she had possessed herself of the secret of the doors.” She utilized her power, influence, and money to discover what lay behind the doors, demonstrating that the extent of her devotion was so grand that she devised a way to save the young man’s life. The structure of the story focuses greatly on the the connection between the …show more content…

In fact, Stockton notes, “How often, in her waking hours and in her dreams, had she started in wild horror, and covered her face with her hands as she thought of her lover opening the door on the other side of which waited the cruel fangs of the tiger!” The alternative would be to see her lover with a beautiful maiden that she despised, which would surely conjure feelings of jealousy. However, the story’s focus on the young man and princess’ connection reveals she would not betray her lover or her soul. Ultimately, she chose to save his life and wait until they meet once more in the “blessed regions of semi barbaric

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