The Role Of Pride In The Civil War

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Wars stem from pride. Whether if it’s to expand, secede or defend, it all stems from pride. Pride for one’s country (nationalism), culture and way of life. In the case of the Civil War it was fought to protect the Southern way of life. This was agriculture and free labor. It could be said that there was more elements to it but those in particular were the clear principles. Like stated before it was the pride of the southern culture that started this war and that still lives today. Country life, agriculture, and extravagant live in which they would call simple because of the simple fact that they weren’t urbanized like the North. Since the founding fathers claimed such large land it was practically inevitable to have feuding ideas of life. This also brought up the idea of Manifest Destiny, the belief that it is one’s fate or destiny to take land.…show more content…
With expanding the union came disunion. The states began to feud about the expansion of slavery. This quote from John C. Calhoun captures the mind frames of the time. “ I have, Senators, believed from the first that the agitation of the subject of slavery would, if not prevented by some timely effective measure, end in disunion… the agitation has been permitted to proceed… until it has reached a period when it can no longer be disguised or denied that the Union is in danger. You have thus had forced upon you the greatest and gravest question that can ever come under your consideration: How can the Union be preserved?” This quote explains that though with other issues going on the Civil War was stemmed from slavery. Slavery as in free labor but the freedom of African Americans was not
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