The Roman Language And Its Influence Of The Roman Empire

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Often when one is prompted to think of an empire, the Roman Empire comes to mind. The Romans started from a small piece of land along the Tiber River in central Italy, and within a millenia amassed an unprecedented territory comprising of parts of all 3 known continents of the ‘old world’ and dozens of countries, peoples, cultures, and languages. This massive empire certainly had a large impact on its peoples during its power; however, even today one may find the massive impact of the Roman empire in various languages, governments, and religions all over the globe. Language is one of the most important aspects of a culture. Language dictates how and what people literally and figuratively speak to one another. Television shows, radio stories, musical lyrics, online podcasts, magazines, novels, and essays all use language to convey meaning of the works. Nearly every region in the world has an official language, and the others certainly have a predominant language. The Roman Empire was not an exception to this rule. The main language of the Latins, who developed the Roman Empire, was, unsurprisingly, Latin. Latin was like many Indo-European languages, but it was distinct from others in the region. As the Roman Empire expanded, so did their language. The Vatican is the only nation that currently recognizes Latin as an official Language, but many languages have Roman roots. Languages that have a majority of Latin influence are called Romance Languages, due to their influence

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