The Song Analysis Of Control By Halsey

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The song that I am going to analyze is “Control” by Halsey. The song is titled control because, the singer mentioned that she has bipolar disorder, and she feels the constant confusion and frustration of who is actually controlling her state of mind. In the song many things symbolize her state of mind, and how she sees it, which would be like a “deadly disease”. The important symbol that is used in this song is “I’m bigger than my body, I’m colder than this home”, meaning that she see’s herself as something that is better than what her body represents or shows, while the other part symbolizes how her other persona can be mean or cold to people. Simply maybe because sometimes she would feel confident, standing up to herself at times, but also when the other persona takes control, she becomes cold, filled with anxiety or maybe even depression and frustration. The other symbol is the next part of the previous one I wrote which is “I’m meaner than my demons, I’m bigger than these bones”, the singer tries to convince herself that she can indeed defeat her inner demons, with this she compares herself to madness, which is why she calls herself a demon, as big as the demon can be, she will always be a harsher and meaner side. But as the song goes she loses this, losing control of her emotions. While this song is bursting with metaphors I shall only explain three at most. One of these metaphors is: “they send me away to find them a fortune, a chest filled with diamonds and

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