The Teacher Who Changed My Life Analysis

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Refugee essay Imagine running in the dark, gunshots behind you, losing your way through the forest.With no mother to guide you and only a small backpack with a toy, some photos, and few clothing items. In america we need to welcome refugees more and help them create a new life. The author of “The Teacher Who Changed My Life” Nicholas Gage talks about his story of when he had to flee his country. He came to America for a new life with his dad who he had never met. While in “Letter to a Young Refugee from Another” by Andrew Lam, Mr.Lam writes to a young refugee, who may be in the same situation as he, how to survive and never give up hope.Both these men tell their stories to educate people on the problems that come with being a refugee. What would a person do if they lost everything and had to start a new life in a new country? To begin, Americans have struggled with accepting refugees from other countries into their homeland. In “The Teacher Who Changed My Life” Nicholas Gage told the tale of how his mother and sister died, so he and his …show more content…

In the short story “Letters to a Young Refugee from Another”, Andrew Lam writes a letter in hope that another refugee in need of help will find it and learn how to survive. Mr.Lam had lost his father after tanks rolled into his town and attacked. He had to flee with his mother, grandmother, sister, and small backpack with only his stamp collection. They ended up in a camp for refugees. For years he spent his time begging for extra food and spending many hours in line hoping to get an extra shirt or blanket to shield him from the morning dew. “Don’t hate. Love instead. Love what you lost, love what you still have, and love those who suffered along with you, for their suffering and yours are part of your inheritance.” (Lamb). This is from his letter telling the reading to always be grateful and to never let the hate

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