The Trail Of Tears: Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act

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The Trail of Tears was a really dark time for the Native Americans. Which is a topic many of us skip over or don’t go into much detail about.
Knowing what we have done wrong in the past helps us not to make the same mistake again and guide us as a nation. The Trail of Tears was like the Holocaust to all the Native Americans. There were all these white Americans that wanted the land that the natives had owned and president Andrew Jackson decided to use the Utilitarianism model which wasn’t the best option in this case.
What is to be covered in this essay is the Critical issue, summary of The Trail of Tears, why in some ways what Andrew Jackson has done good and the many ways he had done wrong, and what he could have done to help the whites and the native Americans.
Social justice is justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. It’s important to discuss when talking about the Trail of Tears because President Andrew Jackson had had signed the Indian removal act because the Americans had thought there was gold there and they all wanted the land for that. And because of the Utilitarianism model he sided with the white Americans and not the natives.
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For example, when President Andrew Jackson signed the indian removal act he had basically killed most of the Indians because there were more whites than Indians and the whites wanted the land for various reasons, mostly for the gold, and the land to live on because it was cramped where they all lived. He could have not done that and asked them to move across the land in a time frame instead of forcing them off their land without survival items that were needed. Society can prevent this type of social injustice from happening again if we stopped considering race and counted everyone equal or as a

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