The Triple Entente And The Causes Of World War I

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One of the most brutal battles this world has endured, with over 70 million men as causalities, dead, missing, and wounded. It started on 28th of July 1914 lasted for about 4 years, with weapons that are undeveloped and days where all you do is sit and play the waiting game inside the gruesome trenches with diseases all around made WWI claim its place as one of the most savage war this world has lived through. Alliances were made in WWI in order to help one nation and another little did they know these alliances would cause so much friction that they are one of the causes of world war one. There are 2 alliances in the European nation one called the Triple Entente and the other called Triple Alliance. Triple Entente consists of the British, French, and Russia nations, while the Triple Alliance were Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. Along the way Italy made a treaty with France by which they would go neutral if Germany wanted to attack France. Because of these alliances there were many rivalries that were made. One of it was the want of power over Alsace and Lorraine; this was a rivalry between Germany and France. Rivalry between the navy and economic powers were also caused by tension between Germany and Britain. Another rivalry between the alliances was the want over the Balkan Nations, which was a rivalry between Russia and Austria-Hungary. One of the immediate causes of world war one was the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand. Archduke Franz-Ferdinand was a

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