The Underground Museum

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Noah Davis has died at age 32 due to cancer. He died in his home in Ojai. Noah Davis owns the Underground Museum in LA and is hoping that the workers at the museum continue his work and make the museum even better. The Underground Museum is a 501c dedicated to exhibiting museum-quality art to diverse communities for free. The Underground Museum upholds the belief that art is an essential part of a vibrant and healthy society. The Underground Museum 's role as a cultural hub and urban oasis serves low-to-moderate income neighborhoods and cultivates the hope that increasing access to art will inspire, educate, and transform lives. Through arts exhibitions, live events, film screenings, an outdoor garden for gathering, workshops, and a bookstore. …show more content…

His father was Keven Davis and his mother was Faith Childs-Davis. Davis even has an older brother named Kahlil Joseph. Davis started his career as a painter in the early 20s. He moved to Los Angeles where his painting started to spark. His paintings were blurred black figures with lifeless and shadowy landscapes and explored the sadness of everyday life in African American history. Davis soon came to Bennett Roberts, of Roberts and Tilton, and Roberts represented his art for five years. "He managed with very few gestures to express emotional content and weave a story," Mera Rubell recalled. "The painting about his dad, it was the figure of his father carrying a lantern into this very dark cave. It captured this fading-away, into a place that no one could follow. It was a beautiful, poetic piece." Davis moved beyond painting and started to establish the Underground Museum in the recent years. Davis decided to stage a exhibit where he created blue-chip figures. "At that time there had been a string of shows in New York and Los Angeles that took the premise to destroy big high-end galleries and create crack dens or whatever... I liked the idea of bringing a high-end gallery into a place that has no cultural outlets within walking distance." Davis told Art in America. In June, the first of a series of exhibitions in the Underground Museum

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