Werewolf's Daughter And The Three Brothers: A Literary Analysis

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The folk tales The Werewolf’s Daughter and The Three Brothers have a similar theme that connects the two stories, but there are certain details which makes them very different.
The Werewolf’s Daughter and The Three Brothers had similarities when it came to family members being the villain. In the tale The Werewolf’s Daughter, the youngest daughter feared for her life because she assumed the father was going to kill her. The story The Three Brothers had a similar direction when the three brothers discovered the sister was responsible for the killings of their horses. It was also similar to when the younger brothers overheard the vampire sister talking about how she was going to eat her brothers. Another similar theme in both tales was having a disguised villain
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The first difference is how the youngest daughter in The Werewolf’s Daughter was not directly involved in the werewolf’s death. The wolf was casted off a cliff, but the story did not mention it being by her orders. But in the and The Three Brothers, the youngest brother was the hero because he knew a dog would be sisters’ enemy. The youngest brother saved his brothers by releasing the dog to chase after her. In the end the dog ate her which killed the vampire sister. Another difference is the support both younger characters had. In The Three Brothers, the younger brother had a support system which included his brothers, but the young girl had herself only. She was later saved, but only after all of her sisters had died. The last noticeable difference was how the youngest children figuring out what was going on. The girl sensed there was something wrong and immediately knew her father could not be trusted when all her sisters had gone missing. But, in The Three Brothers the youngest brother did not figure out his sister was vampire until his older sister explained to him what he

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