Theme Of Family And Community In The Bean Trees By Barbara Kingsolver

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While Kingsolver introduced many hardships characters faced in the beginning of the novel, she continues to progress the theme of family and community, while expanding the narrator's views and needs for others in the middle of The Bean Trees. As Taylor continues to move forward with her life, she is setback when in cherokee nation a women “...opened up the blanket and took out something alive. It was a child…‘Take this baby,’ she said” (23). For Taylor motherhood is thrown upon her, not only is this child an addition to her life, but she does not feel she is ready for the responsibility. Continuing on, Taylor wants to mimic the small family that she experienced by stating, “I found my head rights, Mama. They’re coming with me” (32). Establishing a connection to the child, Turtle, she commits as well as wants to move move forward …show more content…

You have to watch out for that” (60). Realizing the need to learn and grow, Taylor not only wants to change to better herself but Turtle as well. Taylor also turns to Mattie and sees her as a motherly figure and one to turn to for words of wisdom. After a failed job, she looks for a place to stay and comes across another strong single mother, Lou Ann Ruiz, whom Taylor connects with instantly due to their common home town, “It’s been so long,’ she said. ‘You talk just like me” (102). With the connection, these two women have developed they create a sense of family to raise their children. Along with the developing friendship, Taylor helps Lou Ann with the struggle of her husband leaving “When something was bugging Angel, he’d never of stayed up half the night with me talking and eating everything that wasn’t nailed down” (120). This is one realization that communities are a necessity to support others through

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