Thesis For Living With Social Anxiety Disorder

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Living with Social Anxiety Disorder
By: Brandi Jester
Thesis: Have you ever been excited about going out and canceled at the last minute? Had to tell someone that you were not feeling good or that you could not go because you had a last-minute emergency? When the real reason you can not go is because you did not want to leave the house is because you’re anxious about the people you will run in to. The crippling thought of having to speak to others, how you will look to them, and how they judge you. When the thought of having to deal with other people make you physically sick. You might be dealing with Social Anxiety.
1. Main Point 1- What is Social Anxiety Disorder and its cause? Social Anxiety Disorder is defined as chronic mental health condition that causes everyday interactions to be filled with fear, anxiety, embarrassment according to Mayo clinic.
A) Supporting Statement 1- Social anxiety can be inherited but can also stem from being bullied or negative experiences. Unlike other disorders there are no telling signs that other can see. No one realizes that when someone with social anxiety leaves an event or sits down in class, they are analyzing every interaction or performance to see how they could have done it better.
B) Supporting Statement 2- According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America about 15 million people suffer from Social Anxiety disorder and symptoms usually start around age thirteen. Some physical signs that you may be suffering from

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