Thomas Jefferson Philosopher Of Freedom By Monte Markham

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In the video, Thomas Jefferson Philosopher of Freedom, the narrator, Monte Markham, portrays the life, and conceptions of one of our key founding fathers of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Moreover, it touches on his life as a child and delves into the problems and prosperity of his adult life; yet at the same time analyzing the man as a philosopher, a backcountry farmer, a designer of buildings, a poet, a politician, and an analyst to understand his diverse perceptions. Throughout the entire documentary, the narrator speaks on the personal life of Thomas Jefferson and on his political life, by alternating from one to the other. Furthermore, throughout adulthood, Thomas Jefferson experienced several personal challenges and misfortunes, …show more content…

Nevertheless, he never discarded his education but perpetuated to advance his education by attending the college of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. More significantly, here is where Jefferson met his three mentors that acted as his adopted fathers, Dr. William Small, George Wythe, and Francis Fauquier. In fact, it emanated from these three men, that Thomas Jefferson received his views on the philosophies of law, science, life, and religion, and it was through these men that Jefferson became intrigued in …show more content…

The committee delegated Thomas Jefferson to draft the Declaration of Independence because he was the youngest of the group, and his reputable penmanship. The committee approved the final version, after many revisions, thus the path leading to democracy.
Later Jefferson served as the governor of Virginia and fought for a separation between state and church, which lingered for about ten years. Unfortunately, in 1782, Jefferson lost his wife, after the birth of her last child. Therefore, after the war over independence was over, in 1784 Jefferson left for France and became the United States Minister. Additionally, upon his return Thomas Jefferson became Secretary of State under George Washington, nevertheless, after the separation of parties and continued bickering, Jefferson went back home to Monticello in

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