Thomas Jefferson Vs. The Louisiana Purchase !

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Ever wonder how we actually became the United States? Was it created, founded or taken? Well a great American pioneer named Thomas Jefferson helped shape and brand what we now call The United States of America. However, America wasn’t always this big fifty-state country. We only had a few states on the east coast until Jefferson helped acquire a deal for about 828,000 square miles. Today we know this moment in history as the Louisiana Purchase!
As a child Jefferson grew up in western Virginia with four siblings; one younger brother and three older sisters. Thomas’ parents Jane Randolph and Peter Jefferson significantly involved in his life. His dad Peter worked at his best friends Joshua Fry property and his mother was simply a house wife. Thomas was consumed with his studies and at the age of nine he dove deeper into academia. -----Something he stated was “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers” ------- At the age of sixteen he decided to enroll into The College of William and Mary, where he …show more content…

The faces that joined him were Robert R. Livingston, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Roger Sherman. During the time a lot of people felt like the group of five was bound to lead the new world. After writing the declaration they choose Jefferson to defend the piece in front of the committee. The everyone choose Jefferson was because of his outstanding writing skills and his powerful mind, so they felt that was the best decision at the time. On July 4 the congress approved the declaration for the thirteen states. In the declaration it stated the essential human rights in everyday like for the people in society. With Jefferson having a huge role in that he become to be known as one of the nation’s remarkable founding fathers alongside George Washington, John Adams, James Madison and Benjamin

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