Thomas Wilridge Influence On Social Work

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On March 10, 1902, Thomas Wilridge Sr. was born in Branch, La. to Mr. and Mrs. Hoarce Wilridge. According to family history, Thomas met Ms. Wittie Coleman at the age of sixteen. Thomas and Wittie were married for many years until his death on Jan 25, 1980. The couple had seven children. Their oldest were Atkin Wilridge, Addie Wilridge, Rose Ida Wilridge,Thomas Wilridge Jr., Goldie Wilridge, Homer Wilridge, and Nettie Wilridge. During the completion of the genogram, it revealed that each one of my aunts and uncles was born in several different cities. On January 17, 2003, my great grandmother Ms. Wittie C. Wilridge died at the age of 100 years old. On December 25, 1939, my grandfather Homer Wilridge Sr. was born in Branch, La to Mr. and …show more content…

Professional self-awareness is widely considered a necessary condition for competent social work practice” (Kondrat, 1999, 451). As a social worker, I job to ask of use to remain objective by not imposing our behaviors, values, and beliefs on our clients. When addressing “self” it calls for me to understand my cultural background and iron out all biases. Once the “self” is address then I can work clients of different cultural backgrounds. “Practitioners should prepare intellectual emotional, and clinically in anticipation of working and serving Hispanic clients” (Castex, 1994,298). The Hispanic population has suffered for centuries from oppression, violence, and disrespect. I can relate because my family experience displaying similarities to the Hispanic population. As social worker must be willing to remove bias and empathize with clients. Displaying compassion towards clients and removing the judgemental lens can be effective social work …show more content…

My desire to help people dealing with injustice and oppression is the main reason I want to become a social worker. I come from a huge family that has had their share of ups and downs. Having such a deserving family has opened my eyes to many issues that are currently going on. Hispanic families have the same issues that my family has dealt with. I am not Hispanic so I can not fully understand their struggles in the world, but being knowledgeable and understanding I can assist the Hispanic population through assessments and interventions through resources and

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