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Samuel Truett Cathy was born on March 14, 1921 in Eatonton, GA to Lilla James and Joseph Benjamin Cathy. He was the 6th of 7 children with 4 older sisters, an older brother and a younger brother. Cathy attended Boys High School (known today as Henry W. Grady High school) in Atlanta, GA. Cathy married Jeanette Cathy and together they had 3 children; Trudy, Bubba, and Dan. During the time of World War II, Cathy had gone and served in the war. Upon return and a few years after the war and the Great Depression had ended, using his business philosophies and biblical background, Cathy opened up a restaurant called the “ Dwarf Grill” in the Atlanta suburb of Hapeville in 1946. He named it this because of its small size and it was here that

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