Title IX And Women's Equality

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Equality is something that our country has been striving to achieve for centuries. From the 13th Amendment to the women’s suffrage movement, there has always been a battle to creating a balance society. Title IX is the new attempt to influence equality; this battle is between men’s and women’s athletic and educational opportunity. According to Cathryn Claussen, a director of the Sports Management program at Washington State University, comments that “prior to Title IX, only 295,000 girls played high school sports compared to 3.7 million boys.” We have all seen this trend since the Roman games in the colosseum; men competed center stage while women sat as spectators. Although, today you will see an unbelieveable change in pace. Women’s sports …show more content…

In fact, “By 2001, nearly 2.8 million girls participated in athletics, representing 41.5 percent of varsity athletes in American high schools—more than an 847 percent increase from 1971” (Women’s Sports Foundation). An 847 percent increase is difficult to even comprehend. This means that the final amount has increased by a little more than nine times the original amount. To see that much of a difference from 295,000 women participants prior to Title IX is amazing progress toward the end goal of creating equality between the two sexes. There will always be those who question how much of Title IX is actually responsible for these changes. The simple fact is that society is growing toward the idea of accepting females as athletes. Two professors at Emerita, Brooklyn College confirm the belief that “Increased participation and skill development by young women along with society 's greater acceptance of female athleticism has made sport a vital part of the lives of many young women and their families” (Acosta and Carpenter). Title IX has been a major catalyst when it comes to societal acceptance. The law influences people to accept the idea that women should have the same opportunity involving athletics as men have; it creates a guideline for our society that will result in the adaptation of a new societal norm. In addition, women’s sports aren’t the only ones seeing an incline in participation. The media …show more content…

There are three basic guidelines to Title IX that include equal amount of sport options, equal benefits and assistance, and finally equal distribution of scholarship money involving athletics ("The Battle For Gender Equity In Athletics In Colleges and Universities"). The National Women’s Society states these guidelines and exclaims the results have indeed benefitted women in receiving more scholarships and creating more opportunity. This proves the intentions of Title IX; it highlights what issues need to be addressed and corrected. It becomes obvious that allocating resources, like scholarships, equally is a major step in the right direction. Especially when one realizes the major gap that already exists. The Women’s Sports Foundation recorded that “Male athletes receive $133 million, or 36 percent more, than female athletes in college athletic scholarships each year at NCAA member institutions” ( "Title IX Is Necessary to Reduce Sexual Discrimination in Sports"). Over 100 million dollars more is reserved for men’s athletics rather than splitting up that huge amount of money to offer to female athletes. Scholarships are an opportunity to attend college and get an education for little to no cost. This is a life changing chance that should be made more available to female athletes. Women of society are made aware of this thirty-six percent gap and the unfairness that it

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