Tokugawa Shogunate Close Japan To Foreign Influence Essay

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1. Why did the Tokugawa shogunate close Japan to foreign influence?
Type your answer here. Tokugawa shogunate closed Japan to foreign influence to avert the spread of Christianity. When Jesuit missionaries attempted to enter Japan, he got suspicious. Instead of letting them in, he decided to close Japan from any Christians and/or Jesuits along with other foreigners. Foreigners were sharply limited going to Japan. Emperor Ieyasu wanted Japan only for Japanese.
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2. Write a short paragraph that identifies the Russian leader who came to power at the age of three and earned the nickname “the Terrible.” Describe three things for which he is remembered.
Type your answer here. The Russian leader, Ivan IV, as known as Ivan the Terrible, was remembered for a patron of arts and trade and founder of the Moscow Print Yard. He is also remembered for his paranoia and arguably harsh treatment of the Russian nobility. …show more content…

There are two major branches of Islam. Write a short paragraph identifying the two branches. Explain why Islam split and describe the relationship between the two branches, then and now.
Type your answer here. The two major branches of Islam are Sunni and Shi 'a. Islam split after the death of Muhammad when they questioned who would lead the Muslims. The relationship between the two branches is their different interpretations of the Koran and the succession to Muhammad. Ninety-percent of Muslims are Sunni and they believe in more traditional values, such as, the Koran may not be added to or taken from, than the Shi 'a. Shi 'a believe the Koran is unauthentic and, unlike the Sunni, offer their own views of its doctrine.
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4. Leaders in China and Japan decided to cut off contact with other countries. They closed their borders and turned inward. Explain their reasons for doing so and name at least two results of their decisions.
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