Short Story Of Tom Turkey Dead Or Alive

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Tom Turkey Dead or Alive

"Nooooo! I'm going to die! We’re all going to die eventually!” Tom the Turkey yelled one day. Earlier that day he was sitting on the windowsill and watching STAR WARS on Mr. Brown’s television through the window, he overheard Mr. and Mrs. Brown talking about Thanksgiving Dinner, and Tom was the main course! Tom almost fell off the windowsill he was sitting on. None of the other turkeys or animals took him seriously. They laughed about it and then went about their business. Tom realized he had to get away from the farm, and fast! The next day the farmhands were loading a truck full of winter goods for the farmer’s market. This was the perfect opportunity for Tom to get away, and Tom took it. Tom packed a …show more content…

Brown beckoning him over back stage. A bead of sweat trickled down Tom's blue neck as he thought that Mr. Brown figured out who Tom really was. Instead, Mr. Brown asked him this, " Where can I buy one of these?" as he held up a lightsaber. Tom answered "At the gift shop over there, Mr. Brown." Then Tom pointed at the gift shop. Mr. Brown asked, “How do you know my name?” Tom replied, "I'm a turkeys that lived on your farm and I ran away because you were going to eat me for Thanksgiving diner this year. My name is Tom." Oh shoot! Tom thought I'm as dumb as Jar Jar Binks! I just blew my own cover. Tom took off the lightsaber he had on his belt. Mr. Brown opened the lightsaber in his hand. Then a real lightsaber duel began. Tom took the first swing at Mr. Brown's torso. Mr. Brown parried Tom's strike and returned with a swing at Tom’s head. Tom barely had enough time to block.
“I’m not the turkey you’re looking for." said Tom as he waved his wing with only three fingers. "You are not the turkey I'm looking for." Mr. Brown said as if in a trance and he turned away for a second and then turned back around to cut off of tip Tom's wing. Then Mr. Brown said, “Tom, I am your

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