Topics Of Social Justice: Offensiveness And Vulgarity

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Utkarsh Vaid
Tom Bischcoff
Youth Cultures 0817

Inquiry Paper

“Through its evolution from topics of social justice to offensiveness and vulgarity, how has hip-hop continued to play a role in the change of society?”

Hip-hop emerged in the 1970s as a powerful force for social change, with artists like Bambaataa using music as a way to avoid a life of crime and inspiring others to do the same. As hip-hop evolved, it branched into various styles, some focusing on social justice while others adopted more offensive and vulgar themes. Despite these changes, hip-hop has continued to play a significant role in shaping society, by addressing pressing social issues and challenging norms.

In its early years, hip-hop was a platform for marginalized voices, particularly African-Americans and other minorities in urban areas. Hip hop was often used as a medium for expressing frustration with societal issues, such as racism and poverty, and highlighting issues like systematic racism. As hip-hop gained popularity, it became an influential force for raising awareness about social and political issues, both within and outside the African-American community which was also mentioned by Haenfler. …show more content…

This shift led to concerns about the degradation of women in music videos and lyrics, as well as the promotion of violence and materialism. While this change may seem to undermine hip-hop's original role as a force for social change, it is essential to recognize the complexities and contradictions within the

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