Tornado And Joplin Tornado Comparison

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The Joplin Tornado was a very extreme F-5 tornado that killed and injured many people. To begin, the articles "The Evil Swirling Darkness" and the article "A Storm Chaser 's First-Hand Account of the Joplin Tornado" both give very different accounts of what happened the day of the tornado. One example of a difference between the two articles is how the second article talks a lot about how after the tornado had finished, there were no emergency responders that came to help the people who had experienced the tornado. The second article talks about this towards it 's end. Another difference between the two articles is that the storm chaser article talks about pulling people out from the rubble after the tornado took place. This was towards the middle and end of the article. …show more content…

The last difference between both of the articles is that "The Evil Swirling Darkness" mentions how there were false alarms a lot of the time during the spring. It says this in the beginning of the article. In both articles, there are also very many similarities rather than differences. Such as, both articles talk about how there had been so much destruction from the tornado that the ground had turned flat with rubble. This event took place in the text after the tornado was over and people went back outside. Another similarity between the two articles is that they both say that people called to get the sirens going when the tornado touched down. This happened in the text right after the tornado touched

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