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The Holocaust is taught in schools all around the world but, with the exception of Anne Frank, not many specific individuals are brought to our attention. In an event that murdered around 11 million people, only a few of those who attempted to resist the ghettoization and segregation of the Jewish are well known, but many remain in the shadows of history. Among those that have gone unnoticed, we come across Tosia Altman. It is crucial that we start recognizing the dedication and sacrifices of those that aren 't so familiar to us. Tosia Altman deserves recognition due to her strength, her passion, and most of all, her valiant work during the time of, as well as before, the Holocaust.
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Even her father was dedicated to the Jewish community. Altman traveled on foot to spread the word, and provided educational material for the youth. She strongly supported the education for the youth and took part in the resistance of the ghettoization. Altman, a clear symbol of passion, has a surprisingly little spot in the classic teachings of the Holocaust.
Tosia Altman had an immense role in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. She educated the youth and also led the underground part of the resistance. She faced death several times just so that she could help others. For example, she saved people from a burning fire, and spread significant messages that helped people to escape. Now forgotten, she deserves more recognition and her work should be known and taught along with the Holocaust.
Altman passed away in May of 1943 in the hospital after a tragic fire engulfed her where she had been hiding. She received no treatment and was presumably tortured after being handed over to the Germans. However, she did not die in vain. Although she may have eventually been overlooked, she was considered a symbol and people would eventually learn from her resistance efforts. It is crucial that people in society are educated about these events, because hate crimes will continue if action is not taken. Not only did Tosia Altman take action during these atrocious times, she saved countless people through her

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