Tough Alice In Wonderland

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Do you know what type of heroes there are? There are many definitions for a hero. They can be realistic or non-realistic. In “Tough Alice’ She is a fantasy character she is in the story “Alice In Wonderland” except in ‘Tough Alice” she has obstacles to handle like the Jabberwook. They are both similar but have some differences. Both risk their lives for others, are brave and generous people who save others. Also they have differences too like how they react, their actions, and the way they are. Thus Alice risked her life early in the story Alice was in front of the Jabberwook ready but nervous to fight. “courage Alice thought would come much easier with a blade’ paragraph 35. Also in paragraph 43 she was laughing at the Jabberwook and people cheered. “Still laughing at the but no longer at the edge of hysteria”. She had beat the Jabberwook with risking her life for the people in Wonderland. …show more content…

They go in to take the people out and save them. They are risking their lives for people. Another hero that risk their lives for others are cops they always want to keep the people safe away from harm. They are risking their lives for others. Another important trait is bravery in the beginning Alice wasn’t confident shaking, breathing, trembling she said “But I’m not tough at all” paragraph 28. Then on paragraph 43 when the she laughed the jabberwook cracked. She stood up to the scary monster of Wonderland to protect her friends that was an act of bravery. Again real world heroes always have to be brave. Because bravery can effect their future actions doctors are brave they have to be focused in order to do good especially when operating on patients because it could save a life. So do body guards in order to save drowning people they need to have that bravery to go and get the drowning person out of the

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