Toyota Company Case Study On The World's Company

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Q1: Identify the most important facts surrounding the case. • Toyota sells over 9.5 million vehicles each year. • The company is also the world 's most profitable automaker and the world 's best automaker. • success in combining Key to the company 's quality with efficiency is its vaunted Toyota Production System (TPS), which is based on lean manufacturing eliminating waste while optimizing value. • Toyota has based its business processes and information systems on the principles of just-in-time delivery, quality, and continuous improvement. Q2: Identify the key issue or issues. • Other auto companies have studied Toyota 's methods but have had trouble imitating them. Liker attributes Toyota 's success to the company 's willingness "to commit to practicing the concepts behind TPS every day" despite the fact that it 's difficult to do so. Q3: Specify alternative courses of action. • TPS is not only an information mean but also a significant system which runs the function of the process of the Toyota. TPS is an interdependent system and employees takes help from it when they need to know anything related to quality and mistake. Company does not waste time when the customer orders for the specific car. There are some concepts from the TPS just like Kaizen which is an important component for improvement of the quality and excellence. So the company Needs to hire new managers to keep them running same. Divide the responsibilities of the staff so the sales manager
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