Tracy Gardner Biography

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Tracy Gardner received a, b, and c awards. Tracy was a single mother of two whom she left behind. A woman filled with compassion and love yet exemplified an abundance of confidence that lead her to the most recent promotion of CW3. Her path to greatness started the moment she decided in high school. Originally, she wanted to become a nurse but knew her mother could not afford it. During the interview Tracy said, “I was a hothead during high school and I knew that the army could teach me the discipline that I needed.” Before entering the Military, she obtained a masters in Healthcare Education and minor in Adolescent Counseling/ Phycology. In July of 2012 she started her third and final deployment in Afghanistan Kuwait. Her role of Accountability and Strength Management simply meant that she accounted for all soldiers and units in the field. She stated that the only stressful aspect of her job occurred when soldiers went missing, one aspect of her duties including enforcing the rule of no soldier went home until their “buddy” was found. The buddy system was implanted for situations as such. According to Terence T. Finns’ book America at War, “In July of 2013, approximately 2,236 U.S. soldiers were killed meanwhile approximately 12,000 had been wounded.” At this particular time, she had to report to her boss the numbers that were…show more content…
During the multiple terms she traveled to Copenhagen Denmark, Holland, and Germany. While in Denmark they learned about Hans Christian Anderson and his life and the many influences he gave to modern theatre. They were also able to experience Germany believing it reigned as the most beautiful in her opinion. While she stayed there she went to a Tina Marie and Sammy David Junior concert. Tracy said, “I loved it so much I returned for a secondary
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