Importance Of Traffic Awareness Essay

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CHAPTER NO.1 INTRODUCTION Economic development also comes due to the transport, because transport helps people to travel to their work, education, and personal needs as well and transport has also made long distance very shortly through coaches, train, and aeroplanes. Traffic can bring local environmental benefits, because Urban Traffic Control (UTC) helps with that. In that knowledge of rules and regulations play a key role in that (Jeffreys, 1990). Road Traffic Accidents are the biggest issue in all over the world, because many people are dying due to it. Road Traffic Accidents Are also a second major cause of the disability in the world. In 2002, and in that case about 180500 minors were killed due to road crashes. The rationality behind that scenario was the lack of knowledge about traffic regulations and regulation (Khan and Tehreem, 2004). The story, which was published by world health organization that worldwide the many numbers of people killed due to the road traffic accidents in every year and approximately 1.2 million died, and injuries were about 50 million. The economic cost paid by Pakistan in road crashes and…show more content…
And these all cases took place in one half of all deaths in the 0-14 age groups, so ought to this one half of the casualties have been acquired. Pedestrian and cyclist accidents are the most common type of the accidents due to the lack of the knowledge of traffic laws (Jolly et al, 1989). The major problem of traffic is congestion and lack knowledge about traffic rules and another understanding is due to road accidents more fatalities involved in the pedestrian the ratio of over 70%, and when we speak about the past history of the London, the statistics demonstrate that three killed per day due to road crashes. In Greater London more fatalities occurred due to slow speed and speed were about 15mph (Gorman,
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