Trench Warfare In Vietnam War

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Guerrilla Warfare and how it was used in the Vietnam War Guerrilla warfare, also known as trench warfare, has been used for centuries by small, unorganized groups of soldiers against larger, more industrialized armies. During the Vietnam War, Vietcong soldiers used this kind of warfare to separate, surround, and kill hundreds of United States platoons. Trench warfare has a history of being an effective, brutal way to fight a war; this also reigned true during the Vietnam War where thousands of American soldiers were tortured by the affects of guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla warfare has existed for hundreds of centuries and has been used by thousands of radical groups. The origin of guerrilla warfare is unclear, however, the use of it can be traced all the way back to circa 1400 BCE; the bible claims that, the Israelites, led by Joshua, harassed and …show more content…

The Vietcong physically hindered American soldiers; Caputo writes, U.S soldiers were slowed down because they had to constantly scan their surrounds for booby traps (Caputo, Philip). Because of the Guerilla Warfare the Vietcong used, it was crucial for American soldiers to quickly navigate their surroundings, however, there thousands of booby traps in the jungle and it forced American platoons to slow down from searching. This also caused a major problem because it made the platoons sitting ducks. Even though Americans were hindered physically, their most dangerous obstacle was mental; Caputo describes one of his war moments, “listening to the shouts and watching the people running out of their burning homes, I did not feel anything at all” (Caputo, Philip). This quote represents the emotional strain of soldiers during the Vietnam War. Soldiers were asked to do horrific things that were against their nature and slowly it broke them. The Vietnam War is infamous for the slow moving terrain and the PTSD it caused

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