True Son Movie Vs Book

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I think that the story was very interesting because it is different than what I normally read or watch. Normally I would read a book about sports or something that interests me. This book made me wanna go out of my comfort zone and read something that I normally wouldn’t read because I found out that I like these types of books. There are a couple similarities between the movie and the book. One of them is that Cyloga sent his son to the whites. His father sent him a bear skin to keep him warm. His mother sent him moccasins. Aunt Kate is a pain in the butt. Another one is that True Son doesn’t like the whites at first. True Son talked about eating the root that would kill him. True Son and Half Arrow took a canoe and took it across the river. True son told little cranes brother that he got killed by the whites.…show more content…
One difference is Gordy wasn’t in the movie. Also they didn’t shoot True Sons clothes in the book. They didn’t put a ring in the cake and whoever got it had to give it to the girl they liked most. Shenandoah wasn’t in the book but she was in the movie. In the book it said True Son was 14 and in the movie he looked like he was older then that. The last difference is that in the book it said that True Son didn’t speak English very well but in the movie he spoke it like it was his only

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