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For the assignment in TSL 3113: Developing and Using Resources for the Primary ESL Classroom, we were given the task to prepare a one-hour lesson plan in a group of 3, and then each of us need to create our own teaching and learning material. It is crucial for us, future teachers to be able to create a lesson plan that suits certain topic and specific level of learning. In addition, a well-planned lesson plan will have its own teaching materials.
For this task, I had chosen to prepare a Terabai, which is an Iban’s shield (Appendix 1). It is to be used in a Year 5 English language lesson, during the topic “Fascinating Sabah and Sarawak” in Unit 8. However, my group’s lesson plan only focuses on Sarawak culture because we want to explore Sarawak
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Nunan (1988) stated that one of the principles for material design is that it should be clearly linked to the curriculum. The purpose of using Terabai during the presentation is to increase the pupils’ confident level and motivation in learning about Sarawak in the English lesson. Furthermore, the inside of the Terabai will have a mini pocket for the pupils to put in their keywords. This is to prevent them looking back at their mind-map while presenting and interrupt the presentation (classroom…show more content…
Pupils can use it to facilitate their learning and enhance their understanding of the Iban culture. The Terabai also caters to different learning styles—visual (pattern and motive), kinesthetic (holding the Terabai creatively), language (mini pocket for keywords) and interpersonal (a tool to boost confidence). It can also be adapted for different topic such as “Traditional Dances in Malaysia” as Terabai is used in Ngajat dance. Terabai can also motivate and engage the pupils in the lesson as it is quite rare for a teacher to bring a Terabai on a daily basis. According to Tomlinson (2011), a good material should engage pupils both effectively and cognitively in the learning process. Trowbridge, (2006) agreed by claiming that Kinesthetic learners who learn best by moving around and Visual / Spatial learners, who love making things will find arts and crafts activities

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