Two Changes In The Constitution Essay

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Two changes I would make in the constitution both fall into the second article. This is the article concerning the presidential election process and duties. While other articles could of course be modified in some way or another, I find that the two changes I came up with could be agreed with by almost everyone. I tried to make these decision not based on how I feel about politics and my beliefs, but instead I made my decisions based on what is best for everybody. I wanted to put my political affiliation aside for this question because in the grand scheme of things what I will suggest are things that could legitimately be addressed without too much complication. One of the changes I would make is to rid of the electoral college. It 's only …show more content…

To do this, there needs to be an outline somewhere of what exactly our constitutional rights are. Of course they are the powers given to the people in the constitution, but they need to be expanded upon and defined more accurately so then it would be clear as to when a line is crossed instead of just poking at things that may not violate our rights. Small changes in the Constitution could improve the document for the better, but changing it could be the challenge. With only few changes that have been made to the document in the last few hundred years, that shows that the document is fairly strong on its own and does not need much improvement. Two suggestions both originate in the second article involved the presidency. One was to rid of the electoral college and the other to change the way vice presidential candidates are elected. Protecting constitutional rights is a lot more of a complicated idea than figuring out what could be changed in the Constitution. Because the text of the Constitution can often be interpreted in different ways, it is hard to decipher what the rights we exactly have

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