Two Ways To Belong In America

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The ways our culture inform the world are very diverse and bold. Because all cultures are important to each and every one of us, thus our culture heavily influences each and everyone and every culture around us. Culture is all around us no matter where you go, it will always with you. It has a massive impact on each and every one of us. Our culture influences our view of almost everything we see and hear in the world. In the personal essay, “Ethnic Hash” by Patricia J. Williams, it shows how her culture can have a massive impact on the way she views her ethnicity. Since, Patricia, is from two different kinds of cultures because of her parents, her views are different. In the essay, she questioned, “what were the flavors, accents, and linguistic trills that were passed down to me over the ages?” Williams. Her parents are from different backgrounds, so, the flavors, accents, and linguistic trills are a mixture of both. The way we grow up and are taught affects the way we view things a lot. For example, when 9/11 happened, we were all …show more content…

In the essay, it stated,”If America wants to make new rules curtailing benefits of legal immigrants, the should apply only to immigrants who arrive after those rules are already in place.”(Mukherjee) It is shown how Mira’s culture is different compared to other people who live in America because she wasn’t born in America, Mira is an Indian citizen who immigrated to the U.S. with her sister to have a better life. Moreover, it is influencing her life because she feels like she isn’t being treated the same as other people. Her view of this situation is different than other people that are not the same culture as her because Mira is being treated like a person who just came to America. Mira expects that she would be treated like a person who has been in America for

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