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There are a lot of similarities with the book and the short stories that we read together in class like Initiation. The theme for the short stories is Identity, Love, and Truth. The three of these characteristics are both in the story Unbroken. In this journal I will go over identity love and truth will be explaining how these characteristics are similar in both stories.
Lets start of by talking about Identity. In the book Initiation by Sylvia Plath there is a lot of accepting and not accepting certain people for their looks and where they come from. In the book Unbroken the Zamperini’s weren’t accepted in their community because they were Italians. Many characters in both stories struggled with who they are and how they fit in. Tracy has
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In the story Marriage is a Private Affair, Nene and Nnaemeka go against Nnaemeka and get married. This is an issue because his father had already arranged a marriage and gave decided to malevolent in the relationship of his son. Louis love is more of a spiritual one. Louis is a very strong Christian and thanks God for getting him out of hell. He stayed strong in his faith and loved God to protect him and not let anything serious happen to him. Another similarity is the faith and trust that both stories believed God could help them fixes their issues. Nnaemekea’s father prays for him to forget about the other girl he picked that wasn’t assigned to him by his father: “ However cease, hoping that he would realize how serious was the danger he was heading for, Day and night he put him in his prayers (Chinua Achebe 191). From both stories we see that being faithful and believing in God can help you get what you want but also find a sense of piece with…show more content…
In the story No Witchcraft for Sale the main character does not tell the truth but did he have a good reason? In the story a man has to cure a little boys eyes from snake venom that blinds you he does cure him. The truth in Unbroken is their plane the Green Hornet crashes and the crewmembers are all gone and they can’t get the plane to work again like it did: “The Green Hornet sets out with the Daisy Mae, but is such a crappy plane it can’t keep up” (114 Hillenbrand). Harsh reality that the savoir in No Witchcraft for Sale is that there are white scientist who want to take the leaf or substance used to cure Teddy and mass produce it. But they would be taking the credit for a Zimbabwe culture tradition. In Unbroken Louis and his plane copilots and other crewmembers accepted the truth they may die. There is a lot of accepting and being at piece with the outcomes in both stories.
There are a lot of similarities between the book Unbroken and some short stories read in class. They both had to do with Identity Love and Truth, and that there’s so much more people don’t see or get. I believe that I deserve a 10 on this journal because I fixed the mistakes you told me to. The way I wrote the paper made more sense and it was easier to do that. But I think that this was a good enough journal for a 10 maybe
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