Underrepresentation In Sports

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Throughout this semester, I have been discussing the underrepresentation of female athletes in the media. This underrepresentation and the manner in which female athletes are being portrayed should be brought up because it affects how the public sees female athletes. This is a problem because it affects how people view women in sports. There are several perspectives in which this problem can be discussed and they are based on stereotypes, appearances, and the type of sports showed in media. I decided to discuss this topic because compared to their male counterparts women are seen as inferior in the sports domain. A broader context of my argument would be to discuss the affect the media’s representation and portrayal of female athletes has on young females, males and young …show more content…

In terms of males, they would begin to be more attracted to the women who the see in the media as opposed to other females who does not look like the women in the media. The young males would grow up to believe that it is okay to view all women in such a sexualized way. Also, if they don’t fit the standard that the media upholds, they wouldn’t be willing to give other females a change. As for young females this not only affects them in their sports career but it also has a major effect on their personal life. Because of the way the media has portrayed women those especially in sports young female athletes would begin self-evaluations to be like they females they see in the media to be recognized. One suggestion to help solve this problem is the media should not base women on their feminine qualities in terms of their sports. Presenting women based on their talents rather than their beauty can also be a major way to solve this

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