Unforgettable Men Monologue Essay

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I looked up at my 3-year old big brother in awe as I watched him play twinkle twinkle little star on his shiny, new violin. I wanted more than anything to be just like my brother. I begged my parents day after day for my very own violin. I was pleasantly surprised when my dad handed me my very own violin! It was brown, and made of cardboard. And I loved it! Overwhelmed with joy I took it everywhere. Well, at least for the first few days. Slowly I started noticing differences. My brother’s violin made beautiful sounds that echoed around the room. The smooth wood sparkled under the light. Mine was just cardboard. It was fake. And then I realized I had been cheated! This was NOT a violin! How dare he. How dare my father trick me like that!…show more content…
Lenny needed someone to keep him out of trouble. George stayed by his side and helped guide Lenny through the actions that would help bring him a better life. George encouraged Lenny and kept his sprits up even when things were difficult. Just like my mom did. My mom keep me practicing everyday. Every day. She never let me miss even one day. And now, 12 years later, I am still practicing everyday under the watchful eye of my mom. It has been a struggle at times. Yelling is not uncommon. We don’t always agree. But we continue together. Close relationships like mother and daughter allow two people to really share their inner feelings. Even when you don’t want to share. We know each other so well. And so, thanks to this relationship, a promise I made when I was two, and a regimen of regular practice. I was able to go to Carnegie Hall and play violin on stage. I played to over 100,000 people during the Bellevue Fireworks display, and I have made some close and wonderful friends. Relatsionships are like that. They change you. Shape you. And make you better than you would be all alone. Without George, Lenny would never have made as far as he did. Without my Mom, I would not enjoy violin as much as I do
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