Unit 2 Article Review Essay

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Unit II Article Review
Editha R. Mitchell
MOS 5101-12J-1A15-S2 Safety and Accident Prevention
July 29, 2014
Dr. Chico Knight


The article reading by writer Robert A. Battles titled, “Safety, accidents, and investigations: be prepared for the unexpected,” defines ways to institute and provide strategic support for successful accident prevention plan, and ways to take action in the course of an accidents at the workplace. The literature clearly describes ways to handle potential dangers that relates to safety at the job, and how to take control of external investigations (Battles, 2011). The writer stated that businesses are paying attention and are concerned with safety and making progress by actively and productively becoming involved in the global improvement.

Most people would agree that our economy is convalescing, cost reduction and an efficient safety management system is important. Robert A. Battles designed the piece of writing to be primarily for companies and organizations. According to Battle (2011) “He wanted these business to know the importance of developing a strong safety program” (p. 3). What was expressed is that a flexible but solid safety policy in place can minimize work …show more content…

In order to develop the basic accident prevention plan. Battles states that “a structured job hazard analysis, proper training, and an ongoing review are intricate component” (Battle, 2011). To coin a phrase, “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”. Having to act in response to an incident successfully requires proper planning, and rapid response the emergency plan has to be put into action swiftly without missing key any factors. The developments to responding consist of securing the area, providing medical attention, photographs. Documentation of the incident thorough internal investigation, interviewing

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