C5BS Micro ATX Case Study

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Unit 2 Assignment 1
Specify a computer and its peripherals to meet the given scenario:
The task for this unit is to specify and justify the components for a computer that meets the Specification for the scenario, the scenario is a secretary at the college who will be working on Microsoft Office for word processing and spreadsheets, The college intranet and internet and will all be run by windows 7 operating system no files will be stored on the client computer itself but on the colleges servers.
The components for this computer will have to meet the recommended specifications for the software that it will be running, not the minimum specification as running to the minimum could cause the program to lag become slow …show more content…

The hard drive is only needed in this case for the install files as the files they are working on and using are save on the college’s servers. The hard drive chosen is only 320GB because the scenario states the files will be stored on a server not on the computer itself. It’s make is Western Digital a trustworthy company. £16.99
Case - CiT 1015BS Micro ATX Case The case’s role is only to hold all of the components in place and together. The case isn’t a very important part and so following the scenario the case was chosen with the budget in mind, its supports a micro-ATX motherboard which is the one recommended for this computer build. This case is a package with a 500w power supply included. £26.99
Optical Drive - Asus DVD-RW Drive The optical Drive’s job is to read the data from disks that are put into the drive. When you put a disk into the optical drive such as the Windows 7 operating System that will be installed, a laser inside the optical drive reads the disk for data. The disk has a series of 1’s and 0’s which are defined on the disk as a burn for a 1 or no burn for a 0. The optical drive is a cheap one as its only needed for the installation of the Operating System and programs the user will be using. …show more content…

The cooling for the case in this instance consists of the CPU Fan supplied with the Processor itself and a small fan fitted to the case when bought to filter hot air out of the case. £00.00
Power Supply - N/A The power supply Splits the electricity coming in from the wall outlet to the different components in the case. This includes power to the motherboard, CPU Optical Drive and Hard Drive. This case contains a 500w Power Supply as part of the case. This power supply is more than capable to supply the components. £00.00
Graphics Card - N/A A Graphics chip converts the binary data from the CPU into data that the GPU will use to generate the text and images that are displayed via the output on the card or motherboard to the monitor. Converts the graphical data produced by the lines card isn’t necessary as the graphics aren’t that power or Memory heavy and so the built-in graphics chip can handle all the processing power on its own for one monitor.

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