Urbanization: Jane Addams And Andrew Carnegie

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Urbanization from 1850 to 1910 went from about 10% to 40% (Historical Statistics). The rise in urbanization led to the increasing need for industrialization. When industrialization came to urban places, it brought many social and economic problems. Jane Addams and Andrew Carnegie were two different people who were around during industrialization and had different responses of the economic and social issues that came with it.
"The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life," Jane Addams. Industrialization led to factory job that had appalling and hazardous working conditions with low wages. Andrew Carnegie of course favored industrialization greatly because …show more content…

Many women and children started to work because the introduction of industry and rapid rise of urbanization led to women and children having to work to pay for the bills, house and food. Farmers moved to cities while cities grew rapidly. As cities increased so did overcrowding, lack of housing, poor sanitary conditions, disease, and poverty. More slums came into place and settlement houses formed to help the poor and immigrants. Jane Addams founded the Hull House which was a social and civic center that helped the poor and immigrants. She taught the staff to influence the government and issues movements in order to help and improve the slums and work conditions, to get rid of child labor, and lower the work hours. The settlement houses started to spread rapidly, in the end about 400 settlement houses were built across America. In the settlement houses, Addams made nurseries, penny savings banks, employment bureaus, social clubs, and music, lecture, reading groups. The settlement houses taught immigrants how to be more sanitary and it helped the poor work harder to take of their family. Addams goal was to help as much as she could and she certainly achieved that …show more content…

Settlement Houses made life easier for immigrants and the poor while teaching them. Libraries founded and funded by Carnegie gave people knowledge they never knew of which let people set goals and dreams to make it somewhere in life. Industrialization might have changed people's life for the worse but, let the next generation of people be educated and fight harder for their rights as working

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