Use Of ICT In Education

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The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is becoming an essential part of education. The integration of ICT in both the teaching and learning processes is one of the most viable solutions towards educational reform. Teacher’s capability in the utilization of modern technology plays a vital role in teaching and learning processes. The modern media technology when utilized in the classroom has of significant effect to the achievement of the desired students learning competencies (Bingcang, 2015).
In addition, research shows that adopting and using ICT in schools leads to significant expansion of education and pedagogical outcome which are beneficial to both teachers and students. When used appropriately, ICT can help to strengthen the importance of education to increasingly networked society, raising quality of education by making learning and teaching an active process connected to real life (Zaman et al., 2011).
Furthermore, the adoption and use of ICT in schools can promote collaborative, active and lifelong learning, increase students’ motivation, offer better access to information and shared working resources, deepen understanding, help student think and communicate creatively (Khan, Hasan Clement, 2012). The technology provides the superhighways of educational information worldwide that responds for the demand of the 21st century learners.
However, studies suggest the benefits of adopting and use of ICT in

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