Compare The Value Of Ageing Theory In Health And Social Care

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D2 critically compare the value of ageing theories to individuals in differing health or social care settings In this assignment i will be comparing two ageing theories in 3 different health and social care settings. I will look at the advantages and disadvantages as well as the strategies put in place within these settings. Activity theory Social disengagement Care Home Residents tend to form close relations with their staff as well as getting all the residents to socialise, which contributes to their social lives and allows them to follow the activity theory easily. Due to there being a large number of residents in care homes it becomes a great opportunity for all residents to socialise and build many friendships. Care homes run many …show more content…

They would have to rely on family members and friends to come visit them to allow them to keep socially active. Advantages Some activities allow the patients to stay healthy in other aspects of their health despite being ill. Distractions from their health problems. Disadvantages Not able to participate in activities due to their conditions. Exhaustion leading to more health problems. Social disengagement may occur faster than when out of hospital due to relying on others to visit you. If family and friends don't visit then the patients will have to rely on the staff to keep them from disengaging in social activities. Advantages Hospital are supportive in arranging activities for all capable patients Disadvantage Not being able to move around and communicate with others No visitors during the hospital stay In hospitals it is very difficult in for patients as there is a large and are unable to co operate in many tasks However the hospital are

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