Verbal Abuse In Sports

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Throughout the years, referees have been a vital part of nearly all sports of various levels. The referee keeps players playing fair through bringing a non-biased opinion onto the field, and without a referee, players may resort to getting their way in a sport, such as soccer, through foul play. Additionally, the referees are judged harshly by spectators, and which can cause a large problem at the youth levels of sports. Unfortunately, with this responsibility of keeping the game fair, the referees are often looked down upon by spectators, which can make the job very stressful for young and old referees alike. In the United States, how has the verbal abuse from parents, coaches, and players affected the number of soccer referees in youth sport programs within the past decade, and what actions can be taken to prevent this verbal abuse.
Soccer is a highly played sport throughout the world, and throughout America. With so many players, there is a great need for a large number of referees as well, but there is a nationwide shortage of these referees. Many soccer organizations throughout the country are struggling to provide games with referees. This is due to the low retention rates of referees. There are many factors causing this struggle, but the biggest factor is unsportsmanship from spectators. Soccer is played very often throughout the world, with the playing rates being no exception in America. Soccer in America is having ever growing popularity amongst Americans, and,

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