Video On Differentiation

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Lilly Speier
EDD 446
Professor Cushman
October 22, 2017

This video on Differentiation was very enlightening and really made me think on what type of teacher I am. There are two types of teachers that have two types of minds sets. One in which is a Fixed mind set and the other is Growth mind set. As its always a challenge to reach every child and never to be set in one teaching style. Assessing a child and doing an evaluation is very important on the success of the student.
According to Konopy (October 22, 2017) states, ” There are two mind sets one is a fixed mind set,
• The predictive power of the mind: Fixed.
• Success comes from being smart
• Genetics, environmental determines what we can do.
• Some kids are smart- some aren’t
• Teachers can’t override standard profile.
The predictive power of mind set: Growth.
• Success comes from effort
• With hard work, most …show more content…

Teachers first- Assessment- Orientation
Differentiation- Is not a set of strategies. It is a way of thinking about teaching and learning. Strategies are tools to accomplish the goals. Strategies and differentiation are not equal. How well teachers are connected and have a teacher student relationship is better than any curriculum.
I use the “Growth Mind Set” as I believe as a teacher that I can override a student’s profile and if the student works hard enough they can override their profile.
“In 1975, Congress passed Public Law 94-142, The Education for all Handicap Children Act. It mandated the concept of “least restrictive environment, a provision that guarantees a student’s right to be educated, with appropriate supports, in settings that are most like his or her peers without disabilities while still allowing the student to be successful.” (Allyn & Bacon 2009)
In 1990, the law changed an individual with Disabilities Education Act

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