Vietnam War Cause

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The causes of the Vietnam War were as a direct result of and as a consequence of the Cold War. However, neither the Soviet Union nor the United States could risk an actual war against each other, due to the nuclear military power they both possessed. Many proxy wars did in fact develop consequentially; Vietnam being of the most vivid examples. In Vietnam, the Americans actually became directly militarily involved. And in order, to support their Communist cause, Russia armed China, who in turn, equipped the North Vietnamese to fight the Americans. Out of 2,594,000 people who served in Vietnam, there were 58,220 American dead and 153,303 wounded. More than 23,214 soldiers were completely disabled. In the entire war, the United States spent about…show more content…
The mass movement of the university students also enhanced and played a vital role in the early protest movements. The antiwar movement developed exponentially, and by 1969, hundreds of thousands of people were demonstrating against the war. The next year, many campuses across the country went on strike in protest of the escalation of the war within Cambodia. Inside all branches of the military, soldiers began refusing orders, and organizing small-scale mutinies, which disabled the military’s ability to function. Protesting the war led many citizens to question the social and political systems that produced such…show more content…
With the increasing popularity and manufacturing of video cameras audio equipment and televisions the US government faced a huge challenge in censoring the media. The uncensored pictures and video depicting the savagery within Vietnam, this vastly influenced American citizens opinion of the war and led to increasing support of anti-war protests. As the war became more intense the numbers of press in Vietnam increased dramatically. After the TET offensive media coverage of the war became almost entirely negative, as the war was represented in a more negative light, public support also declined. In 1969 the peace moratorium was held. This was a gathering of 500 000 people and is believed to be the largest protest in US history. The rally featured anti war speeches, musical performances, and a memorable occasion of the crowd signing John Lennon’s song “Give Peace a chance”. After the revelation of the Mai Lai massacre, the media continued to exasperate public shock and mistrust in the

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