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As an English as a second language speaker, writing is very challenging for me. I feel like I had two brains which are communicating together at the same time. As I mentioned before I do have a hesitation about telling a story in English. This left me feeling frustrated, scared, angry, and ashamed. Even I progress on speaking after taking accent reduction class. Now, I feel that writing is much harder than the speaking. Writing involves a broad aspect such as critical thinking, critical analysis, grammar, sentence structure and much more. By taking WRTG 101 class, it helped me to improve on those aspects. I really need to admire a great mentor, the Professor Branch who guided me on every mistake that I do. This course is very important for me to meet my writing skill at an optimal level.
Writing a paper involves a lot of thoughts. In the beginning, I was struggling in writing a paper in English. Because English is my second language after Nepalese from …show more content…

Without college resources, I would not able to learn different strategies of writing. I learned so many ways of writing a paper. I also learned how to start a sentence. The college’s OneSource Library and Perdue was a great helpful. With the help of Perdue, it made easier to distingue APA, MLA and Chicago citations. Learning these citations helped me to meet the standard in WRGT 101. The other important resource was a video lesson which helped me to improve my writing strategy.
Arlington Public Library is very supportive for correcting my paper. I appreciate the efforts made by the tutor of Arlington Public Library and helped me to develop essential writing skills. To develop a good writing skill, it is important for the writer to write a paper in simple language, so others can follow easily. I pursued this skill from the tutor of Arlington Public Library. The support and effort made by the Arlington Public Library were very

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