Essay On Waffle Bomb Ice Cream

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One might have never traveled before and has always had the same ice cream their whole life. If he or she would ever want to travel and explore new things, this paper is for them. Let’s fly all the way to London, where one would get the experience of having a waffle bomb ice cream in Chinatown. The Waffle Bomb Ice Cream is something that, as a tourist, one would be wanting to die for. The reasons why one should want to go get a waffle bomb ice cream is because of the wait time, creation, and the design of the waffle bomb ice cream. The ice cream is one of a kind that would want one to come back for another one. As one is walking through the streets of London as a tourist they would notice many stores, restaurants, and important landmarks, such as the Buckingham Palace. Sooner or later they would end up in Chinatown where the streets tend to get a bit more busy. As the exploration happens as a tourist there are two places that sell this thing called a waffle bomb ice cream and depending on where one goes the wait time is either very short or very long. Lucky enough, this is about the place with a short wait time. The wait…show more content…
Choosing from the type of fruit, cookie, wafer stick and the type of syrup one would prefer from a caramel, chocolate, or nutella basically whatever one would prefer is what they had. Some would have preferred one would more fruits others would prefer a balance of both fruits and chocolate things. The design at the end always came out to be wonderful no matter someone had ordered. If one has always wanted to explore and travel outside of the country, they should go and try a waffle bomb ice cream. The reason for trying a waffle bomb ice cream is because of the short wait time in the line. The creativity behind the waffle bomb ice cream and finally the designs behind waffle bomb. Having have the waffle bomb ice cream is at ones own preference of what he or she
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