Wage Gap In America

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Throughout history, women fought for equal opportunity to build onto the infrastructure of America. Once the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified on August 18, 1920 giving women voting privileges, their rights increased substantially to present day. Although, one issue that has been pressed in current time, is the wage gap between genders. The noticeable income gap between men and women reflects stereotyping of women, and how America lessens women’s roles in various occupations. The ongoing issue with stereotyping women, partly stems from activities they did in the past, correlating into present time. Women were left at home tending to their family; while men were stereotyped to be the breadwinner of the household. Men usually had higher …show more content…

A sufficient way of establishing fair and equal pay for women, is to create more female unions. This provides women a sufficient path to take, if they feel that an establishment is underpaying, based on gender, unifying women to act against inequality. Another approach, is letting the federal government come into play with supervising equality in the workplace, incorporating programs towards businesses. A system similar to President Woodrow Wilson’s “Federal Trade Commission,” overseeing the wages provided by big corporations towards employees, verifying if there is a noticeable difference between incomes involving sexes. Allowing the government to play a part in the wage gap, can have a significant impact on the nation, influencing smaller businesses to follow suit. The underlying problems concerning the gender wage gap, need to be brought to the forefront of the government. America has improved drastically regarding women’s equality, but there are important issues with stereotyping and assuming women are not as proficient as men in certain occupations, that leaves this nation flawed. These matters can be resolved by setting stipulations into major

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