Was Al Capone Good Or Bad

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Many people do not realize that Al Capone was known for being both good and bad. People assume he was a murderer but he was never convicted of committing a murder or massacre. The only thing he was ever convicted of was tax evasion. He helped people more than most realize. So the question is, with a good family and good schooling what made him turn to a life of crime?
Alphonsus Capone was born on January 17, 1899 into an average middle class immigrant family living in New York. Even as a child, he was a member of kid gangs the Brooklyn rippers and the forty thieves juniors. These gangs stole from people and were nuisances to the public. Al was good at school even though he quit at 6th grade at the age of 14. Along with being in a …show more content…

Around that same time (it was believed) he murdered 2 people. Witnesses said they saw and heard nothing so he wasn’t tried for it. Those witnesses may have been too afraid to tell the truth about what they had seen. He was moved to Chicago by the police after hospitalizing a rival gang member and was instructed to stay there until things cooled off. When he got there he started working at Yale (a night club) with Johnny Torrio and soon became his right hand man and managed many of his businesses. About 25 years later Johnny Torrio was shot and he decided that it would be best to leave Chicago. He then left the gang to Al Capone. When he took over he almost instantly proved to be a better boss .He spread his businesses and even became the owner of both horse and race car tracks and even night clubs. He then started making $100,000,000 a year. Although they were close, the mayor hired a new police chief to drive Capone out of Chicago and he succeeded. Al Capone discovered that he wasn’t as liked as he thought and had trouble finding a place to live but he eventually settled at his home in Palm Beach, Florida in 1928.Lucky for Al he still had many spies in Chicago. If someone had a scheme to kill Capone, he knew it. Capone was good at containing his enemies and taking them

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