Was Chris Mccandless An Idealist

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Julia Deegan July 22nd 2016 English 9 Was Chris McCandless a raving idealist, with a disjointed belief on how life was to be lived or was he a young man with a yearning for the wild, and a need to quench his thirst for adventure? Though many would argue otherwise I believe our protagonist was more the later of the two. McCandless was simply haunted by an impractical existence that would allow him to live his life to its fullest. Unlike many people and the mainstream American way of being, the feelings of security, stability, and safety never called to him. Rather, he rejected those wants with a want of his own; to go through life from adventure to adventure never knowing what was next, never having enough confidence in what was to come. The risk that that lifestyle imposed was exactly what McCandless craved. Even though Krakauer sheds a compassionate, and forgiving light on Chris McCandless’s story, I believe he was not mistaken in his approval for McCandless’s way of life. Maybe our author’s bias in his writing of the story came from the similarities he found …show more content…

Though at first glance he would strike you as a nomadic recluse, Chris had an ability to make a strong and impactful connection. If he was, as some would argue insane or naive, I highly doubt he would have been able to fit in society. Not only was he capable of human interaction it seemed as though he left an indelible mark on those closest. Reviewing those last years I can infer that McCandless was completely able to decide when and where to make his impact. When he drew away from his parents, and his previous life it was by choice. McCandless disagreed with the morals that a typical life involved, causing him to draw away. In his retreat he ***** from his family but did not completely cut off communication with humanity. Take Mr.Shit my pants for example. While making his way through the hot state

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