Was The Trail Of Tears Right Or Wrong Essay

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Was the Trail of Tears right or wrong? The trail of tears was the removal of Native Americans from their homes by force. The Native Americans went through a hard time during the Trail of Tears. The Trail of Tears was wrong because Native Americans were forcefully removed from their lands, it killed many Native Americans in inhumane ways, and it was unconstitutional.
The Trail of Tears was wrong because Native Americans were forcefully removed from their land by Americans. Andrew Jackson thought that the indians were not allowed to have their own lands because they were different from others. Andrew Jackson was the president at this time so everyone who lived in America had to obey his every command even the Supreme Court. The Indians had the …show more content…

Some Native Americans wanted to stay and fight for their land and others wanted to leave for money. The Cherokee wanted to stay in their lands so they decided to stay. The Chief John Ross of the Cherokee tribe resisted to leave until the end. Then soldiers came and forcefully made them leave their land and were held at gunpoint. The Indians had to walk thousands of miles. This was called the Trail of tears. It was a very sad and hard time for the Native Americans. "We, the great mass of the people think only of the love we have to our land for...we do love the land where we were brought up. We will never let our hold to this land go...to let it go it will be like throwing away...[our] mother that gave...[us] birth." Americans forcefully removed them so they could grow cotton and mine. The Cherokee tribe was one of the Native American tribes that faced the removal from their own land. The Cherokee mined gold in their southern territories. They were unfairly treated by the American guards because the guards thought they were better than them. Some of the guards broke the rules and hurt …show more content…

In the winter, the Indians did not have nice clothing to keep their bodies warm. The Indians could not hunt for food during the winter. They would starve for days. In the summer, the Natives could not walk much due to the heat waves but were forced to anyways. Some of the Indians died from the harsh weather. The Native Americans only drank water when they found a lake or river. Sometimes they could not find any so they became dehydrated, and that caused many Natives to die. They walked for days on the trail and sometimes would not rest for hours. Many Natives died to diseases. There was malaria, smallpox, bug bites, and even high fevers. The indians were not allowed to go into villages and towns because of their diseases. That meant they had to walk even further. The conditions the Native Americans had to face were very harsh. The American soldiers did not care if any of the Indians died from disease. President Andrew Jackson promised that the government would provide the needs for the journey to the west of the Mississippi River (present day Oklahoma). But he did not and people died because of that. The soldiers were cruel to the children as well. Babies that would cry would be beaten sometimes even shot. Children and really old people and the sick got to ride wagons or horses. Even the indians that were tortured by the soldiers had to walk. The long walk on the trail was very exhausting for the

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