Water Pollution Essay

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We can identify several types of pollution on Earth: water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution.
1.5.1 Water Pollution
Earth is the only planet in the solar system blessed with a liquid medium for life to evolve in. We hold the oceans within us, both physically and mentally. So vast are the oceans that they take up almost 71% of the entire surface of the globe (139 million square miles). The ocean basins hold at vast quantity of water, over 285 million cubic miles of water (1185 million cu. km.). The oceans are the largest repositories of organisms on the planet, with representatives from all phyla from the obvious large whales, fish, corals, to the microscopic bacteria in 100-1,000,000 cells per cubic centimeter. Living organisms either live in water or have specific mechanisms to conserve it within their bodies. Water surrounds all marine organisms, composes the greater bulk of their bodies, and is the medium in which various chemical reactions take place, both inside and outside of their cells. Survival also requires energy input to drive these chemical reactions and environmental conditions suitable to maximize the efficiency of these reactions.
Water pollution is one of the most serious environmental problems. Pollution causes unfavorable alteration of environment that poses threat ultimately to the survival. Pollutants can be natural or anthropogenic, but even when it is natural, its adverse effect may be primarily due to human contributions and exposure in

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